A week ago, I received a text message reading, "We found a really cool abandoned place today...As soon as I walked in I thought of you." Soon after, Ali sent a handful of photos from inside taken with her iPhone and I was hooked. We made plans to go back on what turned out to be a perfect Sunday afternoon and were lost for some time in a quiet world of rust, patina, mud and bird poop. I swear it was actually much more charming than those words make it seem.

Because the building had long since given up supporting its roof, the recent rain had soaked the earthen ground and further contrasted it with the objects that lay upon it. Storm clouds had in fact begun to roll in as we arrived. They softened the sunlight that found its way through the windows, caved ceiling and busted interior walls, played upon all of the forsaken objects and worked its way up long hallways before its strength since embarking on its long journey from the surface of the sun was finally depleted at the doorframes of darkened rooms. 

The following images are a few of my favorite digital exposures taken during our explorations.


Special thanks to Ali for exploring with me.