Raised in Smyer, TX, a small farming town of about 400 people on the southern plains of Texas, I wasted no time in my musical endeavors. I received my first DRUM SET at age 5, picked up GUITAR by 12, and began experimenting with song form and some very primitive recording techniques until my years at South Plains College in Levelland, TX, where I received a degree in commercial music. 

I've since spent over a decade exploring both the history and future of music and music technology. Current studies range from North Indian classical music to golden age RECORDING techniques and modular sound synthesis. Having held engineering positions at recording studios and long term live TOURING schedules, I bring over ten years of experience across varied musical idioms and draw from a broad sense of curiosity in and inspiration from music that stems out of many cultures and decades.

As music provided opportunity to travel, I began photographing simply as a means to document the things I encountered that seemed miraculous to this wide eyed simpleton experiencing the world at an accelerated pace. Looking back, it's certainly a trait I inherited from my father. Always wielding either his video or 35mm camera, he managed to leave behind tangible reminders of the memories that would have otherwise slipped my mind all these years later. So I employ the medium of PHOTOGRAPHY in hopes that the photographs I render will someday be a sentimental reminder to someone, somewhere, of a moment in time that once existed. At the very least, myself.