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Subdivisions - Duple & Triple Multiples
Pillar of Subdivision Relations
Subdivisions - Prime Roots - Pt. 1
Subdivisions - Prime Roots - Pt. 2

Permutations - Building Blocks

Accent Permutations - Common Meters
Accent Permutations - Implied Metric Modulation

Sticking Permutations - Simple Duple Meter Pt. 1
Sticking Permutations - Simple Duple Meter Pt. 2
Sticking Permutations - Simple Triple Meter
Sticking Permutations - Compound Meters
Sticking Permutations - Indian Classical Talas

Combining Permutations - Pt. 1
Combining Permutations - Pt. 2
Combining Permutations - Pt. 3

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