I am a former Software Engineering Intern at Apple, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Texas Tech University. My professional experience in software engineering, music, audio, photography, and yoga has allowed me to engage with communities in technical and creative roles while building a rich portfolio that spans various mediums and industries.

I began my career in music as a multi-instrumentalist, playing genres ranging from Hindustani to Afro-Cuban, jazz to Americana, electronic to bluegrass, and developing a reputation as a highly perceptive musician, songwriter, and audio engineer. My work expanded to include music and audio for film and video, where I was privileged to collaborate with independent filmmakers and some of the world's most prestigious brands and companies.

Driven by an interest in sound synthesis, I explored generative art and computational creativity, ultimately transitioning to software engineering. I've worked on software products for major corporations and startups, recently contributing features shipped with Apple's iOS 17 as a Software Engineering Intern on the Audio and Music Applications Team where I will return for a second internship in Summer 2024.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I am deeply involved in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and am the proprietor of the organization Ashtanga Yoga Bhavana. I recently discovered a passion for ballet and continuously pursue training and performance opportunities. In my free time, you can find me immersed in a book (or eight), taking ballet class, or playing piano.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (expected 2025). Associate of Applied Arts in Commercial Music (2009).


Recently read.

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