Pixel 19 Vintage Clothing

During my first trip to Cincinnati with Amber, it didn't take long before her stepsister Bre booked us an appointment at Pixel 19, the largest vintage clothing warehouse I've personally ever set foot in. The place flat out had a vibe! Big windows all along the outer walls that let the moody grey afternoon peek in. And as you walked towards the middle of the shop, the bulbs in the rafters took over only just strongly enough to illuminate the tops of the racks but scarcely reaching the floor. It was perfect.

It seems like Amber and I always dream up ideas together for photo shoots but can't quite to find the time to actually do them. So as I stepped over that threshold with my camera bag conveniently draped over my shoulder, there was absolutely no way we were going to pass up an impromptu shoot. 


Model: Amber

Special thanks to Bre and Pixel 19 Vintage Clothing LLC

VSCO Ektar 25

Earlier this week, I ran across an Instagram post from The Darkroom comparing Velvia 50, Portra 160, and Ektar 100. Why on Earth I hadn't considered shooting Ektar before!? The examples looked amazing! I immediately opened up a new browser window, ready to order a few rolls, but then it dawned on me where I had seen that name before. A VSCO Film pack I had purchased a while back had an Ektar emulation. Up to this point, I had even strayed away from using any of the VSCO tools. Now I'm kicking myself for overlooking such a gem!

So yesterday afternoon I had a lovely little coffee date and couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage of my cute subject and some great natural lighting to be my first guinea pig on my Ektar adventure. 


Thanks to Eva for being my new favorite model.


A week ago, I received a text message reading, "We found a really cool abandoned place today...As soon as I walked in I thought of you." Soon after, Ali sent a handful of photos from inside taken with her iPhone and I was hooked. We made plans to go back on what turned out to be a perfect Sunday afternoon and were lost for some time in a quiet world of rust, patina, mud and bird poop. I swear it was actually much more charming than those words make it seem.

Because the building had long since given up supporting its roof, the recent rain had soaked the earthen ground and further contrasted it with the objects that lay upon it. Storm clouds had in fact begun to roll in as we arrived. They softened the sunlight that found its way through the windows, caved ceiling and busted interior walls, played upon all of the forsaken objects and worked its way up long hallways before its strength since embarking on its long journey from the surface of the sun was finally depleted at the doorframes of darkened rooms. 

The following images are a few of my favorite digital exposures taken during our explorations.


Special thanks to Ali for exploring with me.

CLICK! Ballet Lubbock

A collaboration of music and dance between Scott & Amy Faris and Ballet Lubbock. To my knowledge, CLICK! marks the very first all original ballet, both music and choreography, to be performed by Ballet Lubbock and am very honored to have been asked to drum in this fine production. Of course, I couldn't just show up without my camera! 

Below are a handful of photographs from the promotional video shoot and then from my perspective behind the drum kit at dress rehearsals. Enjoy!

Video Shoot



Mi Golondrina

The Mi Golondrina collection is inspired by the creative and powerful women in the small villages of Mexico. The floral embroidery design they use has been hand-stitched into dresses for over one hundred years. Mi Golondrina aims to continue telling the stories of Mexican traditions and to keep the women in these villages working and proud.

I was able to meet up with Christina and MJ on their way across Texas for an impromptu shoot in Palo Duro Canyon. Overall, it was a bit of a challenge and a learning process for me. Framing photos in a way that emphasizes the dress rather than the model wearing it is something I had not needed to do up to this point. Lucky for us, our dresses and our models were very beautiful...and very cold! 

A few favorites as well as some candids follow.


Special thanks to Mi Golondrina

Models: Christina Lynch & María José

Assistant: Amber Tumbleson